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pressing 150 pouts get your incline bench press up to 225 for wraps and your chess is going to look amazing just no way flight not happen %uh could surely you could spend all day in the gym sort in a row without just lies about president late sweets you be in the gym for six hours every day publicly chess was your listing lightweight Nike stronger week after week after week why would your body after row why would your chest have to get bigger doesn't make any sets yeah yes through up to actually who won that Creeps and Guadalupe that you can on the be big and muscular you also must be megatropin lean which is the second he told us a little dizzy yeah that that's very well said all when you take your let's see it's C minor muscle he dropped a concert what happens is all the lawsuit you have Chester shows your arms so it's a really popular because it happens that was learning and reading its actual sushi now the muscles truly reveals a few lose 10 pounds you're always you have more haw worse a separate separation yours shows a standout your chest to look more like he are more like you'll complete a more or less like boots ends was crazy enough is that your proportion on that increases the not said how this %uh your waist comedown two inches so now everything looks bigger shows that water or is it that you're just lose bigger is so by dropping Sat you create the illusion of being a lot bigger and so having that superhero look is really although portion or ratios and so is one amazing way to grow grey shoes to drop your way stock buy caulis because then the ratio from your we socialist goes up awesome I'll and so if you're not lean your 2 s a bike that's want to build a secure Z is not going to happen yeah that's the second he is so the third heist believed focus on your builder at the greatest impact spores public assume you're busy .


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